Getting Temporary Curls for Your Hair

by Lawrencia Jones

Girl with Curls in HairHaving curls enhances the beauty. It will make you look more beautiful and attractive. Some women have natural curls and some naturally do have straight hair. Now a days although some women wants straight hair, there are some women who are longing to have artificial curls. They would either get the temporary or the permanent curls. Even though the face shape plays an important role in having curls, loose curls at the tips of hair will work well enough for any type of face shape.

Some women will go for permanent curls by getting hair perm. Hair perm deals with using chemical solution on hair to change the shape of hair. Hair perm can also be used to straighten the curl hair. Also it lasts for 6 months. Temporary curls are done when you want to have wavy look for your hair.  When you are longing for some change in your hairstyle, then you can do temporary curls in the hair. These curls will remain for just some days. Thin hair is not eligible for permanent perm. Chemicals used in perming makes the condition of thin hair worse. So, if you have thin hair and want to curl it up, then doing temporary curl is the solution.

In the temporary curl, firstly hair is washed out with a good shampoo. Hair dryer is then used to dry the wet hair. Use of hair dryer is limited till the hair become damp, don’t use after it. After this, make different sections and the hair in these sections will be rolled on the rollers. There are small, large and medium sizes available for the rollers. Choose the size of roller as per your wish. When the damp hair is completely dry then remove the rollers. For drying out the hair it is advisable to dry them naturally. If you want to make it quick then use blow dryer at low speed and choose cool air as option. After you have removed the rollers, use some hair spray or gel to keep the hair intact.

By doing curls in your hair, the volume of the hair increases. Temporary curls can be done at home too. You can use curling iron or hot rollers to make the curls. Maintaining curls is an important and a difficult task. Don’t comb your hair with brush immediately after removing rollers. This will destroy your efforts. Instead slide your fingers through the hair to remove any tangles. Enjoy the temporary curls by creating new look for your face.

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