Choosing the Right Type of Prom Hair Style

by Lawrencia Jones

If you want to look special on your prom night then you need to maintain a right balance between your dress, hair, make-up and your accessories. A perfect hair style can add bit of extra charm in your over all look. Therefore one should choose the prom hair style carefully.

Here are few points which help you to choose a right prom hair style.

Face shape
It is good to always choose your hairstyle according to your face shape. Such as if you have a wide face then the hair style in which some hair left down at the sides is good, as it creates length. For short face, swept back style with some height on top is best.

Hair texture
Texture of your hair is also important when selecting any hairstyle. As if you have curly hair, then prom curly updo hairstyle is best for you.

Dress style
Be sure about any hairstyle before choosing it that it matches your dress. If you are wearing an elegant gown classic hairstyle such as a French roll is best for you. If you are wearing a funky dress then try some funky updos.

The neckline of your dress is also important to consider when choosing your prom hair style. If your dress has an open neckline in the front and the back is covered then  an elegant updo is best suited on you. However for open neckline in both sides any bulky hairstyle will do.

At last it is also necessary whenever you choosing a hairstyle that you are comfortable with that style. As it doesn’t require constant maintenance, it should remain well for several hours.

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