Dressing Tips When Getting Ready to go to Work

by Lawrencia Jones
woman in work dress

Women, these days are no far behind men. They can do most of the work which could be done by men. At most of the offices 30-40% of employees are women. But when women go to workplace they have to dress up carefully. They have to make sure that they look professional and not some college or high-school girl.

Girl Getting Ready for Work

Some dos and don’ts about getting dressed when going to workplace are mentioned:

Clothes (Bottoms)
Do’s – When choosing clothes for work, you should make sure that you should select formal or business casuals and not everyday casuals. You should select skirts or pantsuits of solid dark colors like black, blue and grey as these colors are the best when choosing formal clothes.
Don’ts – When choosing skirts make sure that you don’t choose miniskirts as short length skirt would make you look casual and not formal. Also avoid colors like yellow, orange, green and any other bright colors as they are not good for office.

Clothes (Tops)
Do’s – You should wear shirts for skirts and pantsuits. Also the shirt color if possible then select white, cream, blue, grey and other dark colors. The shirt should be formal with or without stripes. You can wear jackets over skirts but make sure that they are simple and decent.
Don’ts – Don’t wear shirt which have deep neckline as showing cleavage would make you look unprofessional. Never select the shirts which have any design or embroidery work or ruffles as this too looks very casual for office.

Accessories (Earrings and belts)
Do’s – When choosing earrings for office, you should select stud earrings or simple hoop earrings or simple curved barbells for ears. You can choose to wear belt only if you are wearing formal pants and t-shirt on it with no jacket. Choose small and narrow belt whose color matches with your clothes.
Don’ts – Never choose chunky earrings like dangling earrings, chandelier earrings or threaders as when going to workplace you have to look simple and decent. For belts never choose broad belts and that too colorful like yellow and green as they are very bright colors and not suitable for wearing at work place.

Accessories (Handbags)
Do’s – You should select simple clutch purse or wallet or small, simple shoulder bag or tote bags as all these handbags are enough to carry the necessary items for work. If you pick up some good leather bag for office then it is the best choice as it would make you look very professional.
Don’ts – Avoid baggy and large shoulders bags which have room enough to carry your whole makeup kit and files & all work material. Also don’t choose bags which have prints and designs in them as they are not right choice for office. Avoid wool and fur bags when getting ready for going to work.

Do’s – You should wear those sandals in which you are comfortable as you have to wear the sandals for whole day at office. Heels are a good option, but go for heels with medium height. Pumps, Slingbacks, leather Loafers and other peep-toe shoes are great for work place.
Don’ts – Avoid wearing high heels like 6inch heel sandals or stilettos, flip-flops, fashionable loafers and boots as they some would not give you desired comfort while others will look very casual and informal.

Look simple and decent when getting ready for office. Also with clothes, make sure that the jewelry you are going to wear should not be more. Just wear a single bracelet or necklace with the office wear. Don’t ever go for chunky bracelets and heavy neck pieces as they are only great for evening parties and not for office. Make sure that you choose clothes properly and you would surely look very formal and professional if you follow the above tips when getting ready for job.

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