10 Tips on Choosing a Dress that Would Perfectly Fit your Body

by Lawrencia Jones

Women with perfectly fitting dressEvery woman would like to dress in such a way that it hides her body flaws and make her appear more beautiful. She would also want that her wardrobe should be full of dresses with different styles. The more choices she has the better for her. For this she would have to choose a dress according to her body-type and other preferences. As a woman she would always have a good time when going through her wardrobe checking out all the beautiful dresses that she owns. If those dresses has been selected properly they can be her best friends for a long time to come.

Here are some pointers to be noted down while one has to choose a dress:

  1. Before choosing a dress, you should look at the body-shape first and then try on different dresses accordingly. You should never choose a dress which would make you look fatter when you are already fat. Therefore body-shape plays important role in choosing a dress.
  2. The type of shoulders, whether broad or narrow are important to be taken into consideration. For broad shoulders, you should wear a dress which takes away attention from shoulders like t-shirts with v-necks would be a best choice. You should avoid wearing dresses with puffed sleeves or ones which are made of fabric which clutches to the shoulders. For narrow shoulders, choose tops or t-shirt which have puffed sleeves or boat-neck. Don’t choose the sleeveless or halter necklines tops. You can also select bright color t-shirts without vertical stripes.
  3. Height also plays an important role when choosing a dress. If you are short in height, then go for dresses which would make you look a bit taller and stay away from the ones that would do the opposite. You can go for vertical stripe tops or t-shirts or shirts. Good high heels sandals or heel shoes can also be worn to make you look taller. If you are already tall in height than don’t ever wear short tops or t-shirts or short skirts as it will make you far taller then actually you are. You can try clothes with bright colors and with horizontal stripes.
  4. There are many kinds of body-shapes for women. If you have hourglass shape i.e. perfect body-shape having all waist, hip and bust of same width then you can choose your dress which is either fitted or semi-fitted to your body. You can choose tops with v-necks or wrap tops with soft and clingy fabric. Avoid wearing dresses which have turtlenecks or bottoms which are of baggy kind. If you have hourglass shape then you waist is plus point of your body-shape and so you would like to show off it. Therefore, you can wear belt in accessories to attract attention to your waist.
  5. If you have inverted triangle shape i.e. you have large bust or broad shoulders and narrow hips with proper waist, then go with those dresses which don’t attract attention on upper part of your body. Choose tops or t-shirts of dark color and bottoms of light color as light color will draw attention more. If you have broad shoulders, you can also try wearing sleeveless t-shirts or one with 3/4th sleeve. Avoid choosing clothes which have small straps, high neckline as they will attract attention on upper part of body.
  6. If you have pear shaped body i.e. you have narrow shoulders or small bust and large waist, then you should go with those clothes which would draw attention to your upper half and you should try and hide your bottom half. For this you should try on tops or t-shirts with v-neck or puffed sleeve jacket. Go for bright color t-shirts and dull color bottoms. Avoid choosing skirts which are tight or baggy pants as they will catch attention at the bottom part of the body.
  7. If you have rectangle shaped body (straight shape) i.e. your bust-line and hip-line are of equal width and waist-line is defined properly, then you can go for semi-fitted clothes. Dresses which veils around your waist will make your waist noticeable and other parts will be concealed. You can also wear pencil skirts or polo-neck shirts. Never choose dresses which are fitted to your body as it will reveal your body structure. Also avoid wearing baggy pants and tops.
  8. If you have apple-shaped body i.e. your overall image is round and upper part of body is larger than lower part of body. You should try and wear clothes which are un-tucked and flow through waistline. Low neckline and good fitting tops are must. Knee-length skirts can also be worn as they emphasize on legs and remove attention from upper part of body. Don’t choose to wear clothes which are tightly fitted to the body or ones which are tucked-in. For pants, instead of going with tapered pants, go with straight pants.
  9. If you are short and skinny i.e. petite woman, then you can wear clothes which make you look longer. You can try something like higher neckline top, ones which have vertical stripes. Wearing a skirt is also a good option, but they should be above knee-length. High heels are also must for this type. You should not try full-length coats or boot-cut pants.
  10. Shift dress is a kind of dress which anyone can wear, no matter what the body-shape is. It is short, sleeveless dress and hangs down from shoulders pleasing everybody. You can wear this dress in summer with just accessorizing it with proper sandals or boots and with tight sweaters or jackets in winter. Any color and any fabric for this dress are acceptable.

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