How to Apply Makeup in 5 Minutes

by Lawrencia Jones
girl model applying makeup pose

Most of the women apply makeup to look more beautiful. It has become a habitual task which has to be done whenever going out of the house. Without makeup they think, they don’t look beautiful and so no one would be impressed by them. They would do makeup every time when there is any party or even when they go for shopping or for movie. They would spend hours in front of mirrors doing makeup. But it is not compulsory to sit for hours to apply makeup. Some situations might occur when you are in hurry and want to reach some place urgently. Now that you are habituated for using hours to apply makeup, then how will you manage in this situation, as you don’t have enough time for makeup?

In this article answer to this question has been given. You can look beautiful even if you apply makeup in few minutes and some makeup tips related to this only are mentioned over here:

Apply makeup in five minutes

– Foundation is the basic step for makeup. You have to apply foundation to even out the skin tone. When you are in hurry you should choose powder foundation or spray foundation. This would take very few seconds.

– Without concealer, you can never look beautiful as it is necessary that any flaws and blemishes should be hidden or else they would make you look unattractive. Spend few more seconds to cover your blemishes.

– It is your wish whether you want to apply blush or not. When you in hurry and have only 5 minutes for makeup, the effect which is generally produced by blush can be obtained by applying lustrous powder. By dabbing some loose shiny powder, our face would shine up naturally. But if at last there is some time left then you can apply blush at the end too it doesn’t matter in which order you apply makeup. Also it can happen that you might not be going to apply any eye makeup or lip makeup then you can invest that time for applying blush.

– If you are going for eye makeup, then you should give one minute out of 5 on it. Apply 2 coats of mascara on the lashes and in between the coats wait for few seconds. In these few seconds shape up your brows. Apply brow powder/pencil to highlight them properly. You can either apply eye shadow or eyeliner because if you apply both then there would be no time left for lip makeup. When you are applying eyeliner at that time, for eyelids you can apply some eye cream so that the skin area on eyelids looks better and the lines of eyes are hidden.

– Lip makeup is the next. Choose either matte lipstick or lip gloss according to the effect you want. If you want glossy effect you should never go with matte lipstick and then applying nude lip gloss over it as this will consume time which you don’t have. You can also go with nude lip look as these days this is very famous look for lips. As applying makeup on lips is the last thing to be done and if you have time left then you can go for applying lip liner to give proper definition to the lips.

Keep in mind the above tips for applying makeup in short time notice. Also make sure that all the things are ready before hand, only then you won’t consume time in searching them here-and-there. No one would know that you have applied makeup in hurry as you would definitely look beautiful as always.

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