Getting Rid of Grey Hair

by Lawrencia Jones

Generally hair turns grey after 40. But some people have complains about pre-mature grey hair. Hereditary, stress and improper diet are some of the reasons for early grey hair. Below are the points to be kept in mind to prevent getting grey hair.

Girl sitting on couch– Stress and anxiety level should be decreased. They are the main reasons for speedy aging process. As aging becomes fast, black hair will turn grey early. So to avoid stress, doing exercise and yoga are recommended.

– Along with stress, smoking is also one of the reasons which speed ups the aging process. Also by smoking regularly, circulation of fresh oxygen and nutrients all over the body is affected. If proper nutrients are not received by the head, automatically hair will turn into grey. So, smoking should be avoided.

– Diet full of vitamins, proteins, minerals mainly copper, iron should be consumed. They indirectly help in maintaining hair as black. Iron or vitamin capsules are readily available in the market. They can also be consumed, if you seriously don’t get proper time to have lunch or a dinner.

– Mixture of henna, lemon and tea water can be applied on hair and after keeping it for 2-3 hours should be rinsed. Growth of grey hair will be reduced.

– Hair can be conditioned with natural conditioners like curd or mixture of egg and water to prevent from getting grey hair. This will also help in maintaining the shine of your hair.

– Consumption of gooseberry is good for getting rid from grey hair. If it is mixed with coconut oil and then applied in scalp frequently, it will eventually turn grey hair black. Gooseberry can be boiled in salt water and left to get dried. After getting dry, they are ready to eat. By eating gooseberry, we receive vitamin C and minerals which are in it. This is one alternative if you don’t get enough time to massage the scalp frequently.

– Many companies are making creams for treating grey hair. You can buy them from the market and apply on the hair. This will prevent hair from getting grey.

– The way of washing and how many times you wash your hair also affects the health of hair. If you wash your hair with extreme hot water and frequently use hair dryer to dry them, then it is for sure that you will get grey hair. So you should avoid this.

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