Tips for Doing Pedicure at Home

by Lawrencia Jones
pedicure at home

Taking care of the body is a must thing for a woman. She will use costly creams, lotions, moisturizer, makeup items etc so that she looks pretty. She will also take proper care of her skin, hands and legs. For hands, manicure is a way to get smooth and glowing hands. The condition of the fingernails is also maintained. Pedicure is a way to get perfect smooth and soft toenails. Along with taking care of nails, in pedicure process, care of legs is also taken.

Getting a pedicure done at salon by professional is a good way. You will have to be patient as this process takes about an hour. Allowing a professional to do a pedicure, costs a lot. Therefore if you want to complete the pedicure process fast and don’t want to spend much money than it is advisable to do the pedicure at home. Here are some simple tips for doing the pedicure at home:

Pedicure– It is necessary to remove the nail polish using nail remover or acetone.

– The next step is to wash your legs in warm water. Take warm water in a small tub or bowl. Add olive oil/almond oil, salts in this water. Place your feet in it for 10-15 minutes and let the legs soak these oils. You can also add shampoo in the water and wash your feet to remove all the dirt and germs from it.

– Use of pumice stone is beneficial to remove the dead skin cells near the toes, on the heels and on the skin under the feet. Rub this stone in circular way on all the areas in which you think dirt and dead skin cells has been gathered.

– After rubbing this stone, use a scrub, which you can get, from some cosmetic store to exfoliate the skin. You can use lemon or olive oil to rub your toes and your feet, so that they become gentle. By using scrub and pumice stone on the skin that is soaked in warm water, the dry skin becomes soft which is the motive of pedicure.

– Massaging with pumice stone and scrub should be continued as long as the legs are soaked in the water. After 10-15 minutes when you take out your feet, dry them. After they get dried use a cuticle pusher or orangestick to push your cuticles.

– Cut down the nails if necessary using a nail clipper. After cutting down, it is important to shape them properly. So use nail filer to shape them.

– Use of a good brand moisturizer is must after nails have been shaped. Massage your legs and feet properly with it. After doing the massage, next turn is of coloring the nails.

– Use a clear nail polish as a base coat. After it dries out two coats of color nail polish is to be put on the nails. After color has been applied, apply the top coat using the same nail polish, which you used earlier as your base coat. Application of base coat and topcoat is necessary as it helps in maintaining color of nail polish for a longer time. You can use dryer to dry out each coat if you don’t have enough time. Using toe separators is recommended so that the nail polish won’t get spilled from one toe to another toe.

By taking good care of your toenails, you can expose them by wearing open-toe sandals. These sandals would also add a style statement to your personality.

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