Tips on Getting a Tattoo

by Lawrencia Jones
a girl with tattoo

Tattoos are considered as an enchanting way to catch one’s attention. Since last few years, a trend for getting a tattoo on the body has increased rapidly. Either it is a teen or a middle-aged girl they like to have a tattoo on the body.

Tattoo on back
Tattoo design depicts the nature, character of a girl. This is the reason why tattoos on a girl are generally a delicate design and are smaller in size. Girls like to put on tattoos, which enhance their feminine nature. Generally, design of tattoo for a girl includes star, heart, flower, butterfly, dolphin, sun, angel, fairy wings. Tribe related design for tattoos can also be printed on the body.

Along with the design of the tattoo, it is important to consider on which part of the body you should get the tattoo. Lower back, shoulders, arms, ankles, wrists, lips are the parts of body, which can be considered of while printing a tattoo. Tattoo starting from nape of the neck and flowing down is also one of the options. Along with this if you like to have a tattoo of sun or flower design, navel can also be an appropriate choice. If you like to get a tattoo, which covers your whole hand, and then you can get that too. However, most of girls don’t opt for this choice.

There are many precautions, which you will have to take care of before and after getting a tattoo. Before you go to a tattoo artist, make sure you have discussed any sort of allergies you might have, with the artist. This is necessary as based on this the artist would make a decision of using chemicals on your body while keeping its side-effects in his mind. Avoid drinking alcohol before getting a tattoo as when the tattoo gun is injected, it will lead to bleeding. It also pains a lot, when you are getting a tattoo. So if you have empty stomach it won’t be a pleasant experience therefore it is advisable to eat properly before you go for getting a tattoo. If you want to carry something to eat during the tattooing process then you can do that too. Take care of getting proper sleep on the night before you get a tattoo.

Post-care of tattoo is of utmost importance. A tattoo has to be healed properly so that the money you have spent in getting it is worth it. A bandage is being placed on the tattoo to protect it from germs or infection. Make sure it is covered for at least 2 hours. This is the first step in tattoo healing process. Don’t try to prick the bandage or remove it yourself as this can ruin the tattoo design. Tattoo should not be exposed to any type of clothing. So, wear clothes, which do not touch the tattoo. Don’t reveal your fresh tattoo to sun or water. This will do harm to colors of your tattoo which would fade away. Avoid touching the tattoo yourself as this can also lead to damage of the tattoo. If you are getting a tattoo done on your leg or lips then you have to take more care of it and get re-inked it more often. Also, try to apply gentle soap on the tattoo while bathing.

Having a tattoo on the body is the latest trend nowadays. The cost of getting tattoo inked depends upon the design of tattoo, place where tattoo is to be drawn. So, choose design and place for the tattoo properly.

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