10 Tips to Stay Beautiful Forever

by Lawrencia Jones

Taking care of the skin, to remain beautiful and gorgeous all the time, to gain complements from everyone is what every woman wants and desires for. Most of the woman would want that they should look beautiful today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow and then forever. But maintaining beauty is one hard task. If you are a woman who wants to look beautiful forever then you should read the following points.

Below are some points which if followed would help you to stay beautiful forever:

Beautiful Girl– Eat and drink properly. Eat food which is rich in protein, vitamin and minerals. Leafy vegetables, fish, turkey, eggs, juicy fruits and nuts are good source of nutrients. You should consume them regularly. Avoid junk or oily food as they would just increase carbohydrate contents and your body weight would increase because of it. By drinking water at least 8-10 glasses per day is advisable as by drinking water body would remain hydrated. Moreover, the toxins are washed out from the body by drinking water. If you don’t drink adequate amount of water then the body cells becomes drier and your skin would look unattractive. So, by eating food and drinking water your skin complexion would glow and you would look beautiful… If you continue with this process, you would stay beautiful forever.

– Taking stress is not good for health and beauty. Beauty wise, you would get gray hair, dark circles and wrinkles early if you take unwanted stress. These aging signs would make you look much more matured even if you are in your twenties or early thirties. Therefore, it is advisable that you should relieve yourself from the stress by doing yoga or exercise. If hate exercises then you can opt for cycling, jogging or swimming as these too would divert your attention from the things that you worry about and would keep you healthy. By doing exercise, blood circulates at a very good speed and deposits new and fresh nutrients to the body. Thus, after you have done physical work outs, you will see that your face would glow and that is why you should invest at least 30-40 minutes daily for it.

– Sleep is one important thing which you should not take lightly. Getting undisturbed sleep of 6-8 hours is necessary. Dark circles, puffy eyes, mood swings, stress would be a result of not sleeping properly. If you sleep properly then there would be no beauty related problems and you would look beautiful always.

– Staying away from the sun is recommended, if you want to look beautiful forever. Sun rays are harmful and if you stay for long time in the sun without any protection, then there are chances of getting a skin cancer. Though, you will get a tan look with the help of sun, but it’s advisable that you take necessary precautions. You should apply sun block or sunscreen lotion at least 20 minutes before you step out in the sun. Also you can reapply them every 3 hours. Even though you have applied sunscreen lotion, you should wear gloves or carry an umbrella or a hat along with you as they would save you from harmful UV rays.

– Maintaining body figure would help in making you look beautiful forever. If you are under-weight then gain weight to look normal. Very skinny girls don’t look good and nobody looks at them. Also if you are fat or have more weight than normal woman should have, then you should shed off the excess. Body shape should be maintained well as only then you would be able to try out different type of clothes and when fashion changes you can change your style along with it. This would make you appear beautiful for always.

– You should keep your face and body clean. Cleanse your face with a good face wash frequently. Choose a face wash which suits your body type. After cleansing, you can also apply a toner as it would help to clean out remaining dirt and germs from the face and would close the open pores. You will look beautiful if you have beautiful face. Therefore, clean your face many times a day and you would look beautiful for longer period of time.

– Moisturizer is a must thing to keep the body moisturized. The skin would remain soft and smooth if you massage your body and face with a good moisturizer. Moisturizer which matches your body type should be bought and it would be a nice call if you buy one which contains SPF amount as then it would work as sun screen too. If you apply moisturizer every day while going to sleep, then it would be a good practice as then on the next morning your skin would remain soft. With soft, glowing and smooth skin you will surely look beautiful in coming years.

– Habits like smoking and drinking alcohol frequently are not good for beauty and health. Lips color would become dark by smoking frequently. By drinking alcohol, the skin becomes dry and chapped out. These things would make you look unattractive. So, you should refrain yourself from these things if you want to look beautiful forever.

– Clothes you wear are important as they too make you look beautiful. New, stylish and trendy clothes would make you look beautiful and gorgeous. How you handle your hair is also important thing for looking beautiful. Proper hairstyles would also make you look beautiful and gorgeous. Get your haircut in different styles by a good professional.

– Last but not the least, makeup would also help you to look beautiful forever. Keep applying makeup to look gorgeous everyday. Choose the makeup products according to your skin type and its better to choose the ones which have SPF amount. If you want to look beautiful forever with makeup then you should remove it every night before going to bed so that you don’t look unattractive.

The above points would help you out in looking beautiful and gorgeous forever. If you are in 40s or 50s it doesn’t matters. Just keep in mind, that the above things should be done regularly only then it would be helpful. If you leave them in middle then you won’t get desired results.

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