Bubble Skirt

by Lawrencia Jones
bubble skirt girl

Women wear jeans, trousers, different kinds of dresses, which are latest and are considered as stylish and fashionable. Skirts too are considered as fashion statement these days. There are many types of skirts available in the market nowadays. Pencil skirt, A-line skirt, umbrella skirt, bubble skirt, mini skirt, pleated skirt, jeans skirt and many more are the types of a skirt. Women these days wear trendy and funky skirts as they just add stars to the personality. With proper accessories and shoes, skirt makes a woman look more beautiful.

Bubble Skirt

Bubble skirt is one of the skirts, which is on-going trend these days. It is voluminous at the end and has an outline like a balloon. Different length skirts are available in the bubble skirt. Generally, bubble skirt ends at mid-thighs, but you can also see bubble skirts ending at knees and below knees. They can also be considered as baggy type skirt as it is very baggy kind and has pockets too. Bubble skirt dresses are also available which is a dress having round, voluminous hemline as that of bubble skirt. Bubble skirt is suitable for every body shape but women who are thin and heighted on them this skirt looks the best. This helps to flatter your shape and make you look more beautiful. Different types of bubble skirt can be seen in the market, like you can see plain skirt with dark colors or skirt with stripes or skirt with some good design or floral print and many more. You can select any one according to your choice.

Choose tops, shoes and accessories properly and you will surely look good with a baggy skirt. But make sure that whatever you select, at the end your skirt should be the highlight of your dress and nothing else. The tops you choose should be very simple and decent. Colors you select should be like black, brown, white, grey or some other but plain colors with no prints or design. Also don’t go with stripes in tops. Select plain styled tops, which are body-fitted with this kind of skirt. Avoid the baggy type of tops as your skirt is already baggy and if your top is also baggy then it will make you look fat. You can also wear some fashionable shirt, as it too looks good with bubble skirt. White, red, black are some colors which are preferred for shirts.

For accessories, keep in mind that they should be light and you should not pick heavy ones. Pick stud earrings or some hoop earrings. Don’t go with dangling ones as they will catch attention and the attention required by the skirt will be divided which is what you wouldn’t want. You can wear some decent and delicate neckpiece. Don’t go with heavy necklaces as it will just destroy the look of your skirt. You can wear some bracelets in hand as it can enhance your looks. Generally, the bubble skirt is high waist skirt but if yours is not then you can add broad belt to enhance the waist area. This will make your body shape look perfect.

Shoes/Sandals, which are picked with bubble skirt, are generally heels. You can choose simple wedge heels, platform heels or other heel sandals. Heels only will enhance the leg portion of the body, as this skirt would end at or above knees only. Pumps, stilettos look good with this skirt. Don’t wear some flat sandals as it will make you look shorted in this skirt.

This skirt enhances the waist area as it is tight-fitted over there and will also help to hide the lower body portion as it is baggy in type. If your skirt ends at mid-thighs then you can wear leggings underneath the skirt to make you look more beautiful. Try this skirt out, as it has become a must-be in most of women’s wardrobe these days.

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