Simple Tips for Removing Dark Circles

by Lawrencia Jones

Girl with no dark circlesFace, if pretty makes you look pretty. If it is not maintained well, and good care isn’t taken, then it is obvious that you will have pimples and dark circles under your eyes. Proper care should be taken if you want to look beautiful and want that everybody would complement you, about your glowing face and its beauty. In order to make face more attractive, it is important to get rid of dark circles if you have any, as they will spoil the looks of your face.

Here are some tips for removing dark circles:

  • If dark circles are caused due to allergy of some thing, than it is advisable to stay away from all such things. They will just increase the effect of dark circles if you don’t refrain from those items.
  • Applying almond oil on the skin under the eyes is useful in removing dark circles. Massaging daily with it for 2-3 weeks will decrease the effect of dark circles and if you continue applying the oil they will vanish within some more time.
  • If you place cucumber slices on the eyes and lay down for 15 minutes, it will give your eyes very soothing effect and by doing it regularly the effect of dark circles will decrease.
  • Mix grated potato and grated cucumber and than keep it on your eyes while going to sleep. This will keep your eyes relaxed. If you feel bored with grating cucumber and potato than you can simply keep tea bags on the eyes for 10 minutes. This will give same effect as given by potato and cucumber.
  • Make a paste of fuller’s earth and water and use it as face-pack. This will help your eyes to remain cool and will eventually decrease the dark circles. You can use rose water instead of simple water as along with decreasing dark circles rose water gives shine to the face.
  • Stress is one of the major reasons of getting dark circles. By taking more and more tension, your mind and body will get affected and its result will be seen on face. Dark circles are the result of taking stress. So it is advisable to do meditation and yoga to keep yourself relaxed and to reduce the effect of dark circles.
  • Diet also affects the looks. If you don’t eat properly it will be clearly seen from your face and body. You will get dark circles if you lack minerals, vitamins and other necessary nutrients. Therefore you should eat healthy diet which contributes to your healthy mind and body. Proper intake of green leafy vegetables, milk and fruits will help you in getting rid of those dark circles.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol have adverse affect on the skin. The smoke which comes out from cigarettes discolors the skin of the face. Dark circles are that discoloration of the skin. Therefore it is recommended to stop smoking and drinking as they won’t just affect your body system but will affect your looks too.

It is essential that you avoid all those things which increases dark circles under the eyes. Along with the above tips keep in mind to get proper sleep as it helps you to keep your mind relaxed. Relaxed mind leads to better looks. Keep yourself relaxed and all your dark circles will vanish and you will look beautiful.

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