Knowing your body shape

by Lawrencia Jones

Sometimes you would wear a beautiful dress but then you would realize that you are not looking as good as you would like to be. Also you feel that it isn’t suiting your body. Do you know what is the reason behind this? It happens because of your lack of knowledge about your body shape. If you are wearing a dress according to your body shape then it will appreciate your beauty compared to wearing a simple dress.

body shapeNow here the question that arises is that how would you know what your body type is? I will give you some suggestions that will help you to know your body type and choose a prefect dress for yourself.

Suppose your upper body is slim and lower body is wide then your body shape falls under the pear shaped body type. In this type of shape Puffy sleeves tops, flared and A line skirts look better. Strapless dresses also look good in pear shape body. If you will try knee length coats and jackets they will also enhance your beauty.

If you have a large stomach, heavy lower body with broad shoulders, big bust and undefined waist it means you have apple shape body. For that flat fronted and tighten Skirts and trousers, tunic style top, Shirts that reach lower than your waist, v-neck and scoop neck tops are good choice for you

If your upper and lower body parts both have same width and have a thin waist then you are come in hourglass body shape category. In this category strapless dress, fitted jackets, Pencil skirts and fitted clothes are the best choice. Hourglass body shape is also known as the perfect body shape.

Another category of body shape is rectangular or straight. If every part of your body like hip, bust, and waist has same width it means you come in this category. Short-sleeves or sleeve-less tops and dresses, Semi-fitted clothes, Straight to gently flared flat-fronted pants and A-line shirts are the best options for this type of body shape.

So whenever you are selecting any dresses you should be careful about your body type and then select it for an occasion. This technique definitely gives you a fairy look. Don’t forget to checkout other articles on how to choose a right dress according to the occasion that you might be attending.

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