Artificial Tanning and Its Methods

by Lawrencia Jones

Women with Artificial TanSun tanning method is in much demand in many countries. It is in demand because of the golden or bronze color result of the skin. Summer is good time for natural tanning and so when it arrives, women relax at the beach. They sit under the sun and let the UV rays affect the skin color of the body. As a result of this, their skin color changes to dark shade. Some points have to be kept in mind while sitting in the sun, like you should not sit under the sun for more than 2 hours. This will damage the skin texture. If you have to than make sure that proper sun screen lotion is applied on the body.

Initially, sun tanning was the only method to get your body tanned, but research shows that UV rays of sun can lead to skin cancer. So, artificial methods were invented. Artificial tanning or sunless tanning deals with those methods which don’t include the harmful effects of sun rays to get the body tanned. In this way, there was no danger of getting skin cancer. This kind of tanning should be conducted at professional tanning salon. Different methods of sunless tanning were spray tanning, tanning booths/beds and sunless tanning lotions.

Spray tanning method can be implemented in two ways. First way is spray tan booth. In a booth, a spray machine is kept which automatically sprays out the color. All the work is done by the spray machine and the use of technician is minimal. Technician’s work is just to handle the colored shade being sprayed out from the machine i.e. either to lighten or darken the particular shade. The second method is airbrush. It is same as first one except for the difference that technician does all the work by his hands. He/She sprays out the color using a machine. The result of this indoor tanning is not immediate and can be seen in few hours.

Tanning booths/beds is the method which gives result same as sun tanning. Around the bed/booth, glass covering is done which has bulbs. These bulbs emit UV rays. They are not as harmful as the rays emitted by the sun. Horizontal and vertical kinds of beds are seen in the salons. This method should be experimented at salon only. If you want to do that at home, then you will have to buy tanning bed for home.

Sunless tanning lotion is the cheapest method among all. Lotions are available at the tanning salons and this method can be tried at home too. The result of this method is least effective and sometimes instead to getting proper tan some mess can happen with the skin.

If you don’t have time to go out in sun, sit there for hours to get your body tanned, than you can go with the above techniques. These methods use just about an hours’ time to change the color of your skin. Now-a-days many tanning salons promote sunless tanning and also women do go there. You too can visit one to change the skin color of your body.

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