Choosing right type of sunglass

by Lawrencia Jones

A good sunglass would not only make you look more stylist but also protect you eyes from sun and dust. One should keep this thing in mind that a sunglass needs to protect his or her eyes from the harmful rays. So when you are buying a sunglass you should make sure that it provides at least 99 percentage UV protection.

Choosing the right kind of sunglasses is bit difficult as there are many choices available in market. You can follow a simple guideline when choosing the right kind of sunglass for yourself. You should choose the sunglasses according to your face cut to look more stunning and stylish.

Let’s start with round face. If your face falls in this category then you should wear wide frame and dark colored sunglasses like blue, black, purple and coffee. If your face does have a triangular face cut then aviator sunglass, rimless sunglass or angular frame sunglass are better choices for you. Oval face cut is ideal for using any type of sunglass. As most of the sunglasses would fit good enough on an oval shaped face. A sunglass with large vertical frames would help you to make your long face look wider and attractive with it. You can also try oversized, round or oval shape sunglasses if you have a long face cut. The perfect type of sunglass is rounded or oval shaped when you possess a square face cut. At last if you have a heart-shaped face then you should try round, angular, and sunglasses with no rims to make your face more charming.

A sunglass can also be helpful to improve your facial beauty and your features. Suppose you have a smaller nose in comparison to your face then you wear sunglass with a high bridge. Similarly if your have a longer nose in comparison to your face than wearing double brow bar sunglass would make it look more balanced. Aviator sunglass can also be helpful in that scenario.

Remember that sunglasses are essential part of women accessories. A designer sunglass could be a right choice for some people if chosen carefully. Always trying the latest trends does not guarantees that it would suit you. Following the latest trends in fashion is a good thing but should be done carefully after researching the things that you are going to buy and after checking them out as to how they would fit on you and improve your outlook.

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