Tips on How to Look Slimmer Than You Are

by Lawrencia Jones

Every woman wants to look thin, slim and beautiful. She wouldn’t want to add pounds to her weight just for the sake of it. Some women aren’t that slim and they wish that they look thinner and fitter. At some occasions where there are chances of you being photographed, you will obviously want to look slim even if you are not. For this your clothes can help you a lot.

In this article, some tips have been mentioned which will help you to look thinner:

Slim Girl– Always select your clothes properly. Don’t choose either very loose or very fitted ones. You are already fat, on that baggy clothes will just add more pounds to your weight in matter of appearance. Also don’t choose very tight fitted clothes as they may not look good. Go with semi-fitted clothes as they are the best choice.

– Heels are also a good option which should be worn to look slimmer. Heals add height to your body and thus make you look thinner.

– If you thinking to wear jeans than go with flare cut or boot cut jeans. They will hide the extra area of your lower body and you will appear thinner as compared to before.

– Skirts can also help in making you look thin. If you are small heighted & fat then you should wear skirts whose hemline ends till knees or just below knees. Don’t go for long skirts as they will make you look shorter and thus fatter. If you are fat but do have height then to look thin you can go with long skirts. In general, you should always avoid pleats and ruffle skirts as they add volume to your body and make you look fatter.

– If you are considering wearing a dress then going with A-line dress as it is one of the good choices for women who are not thin and want to look thin. You can choose deep neckline or v-neckline as they will attract more attention on the upper part of your body and your waist and lower part of the body will be hidden.

– Consider dressing in one color only. Your dress, shoes, accessories, jacket, stockings and any other thing should be of only one color. You can try of different shades of that color but keep the color same. Like black, your dress, sandals, stockings, jackets and other things you wear should be black in color. Also by wearing black you will look slimmer. Same colors which you choose should be dark in color. Don’t go for light and bright colors for everything.

– Flaunt the areas which you like such as if you have skinny legs then you should try on dresses which are till knees as they will look good and will catch your attention away from the problematic areas. Hide the areas which you don’t want to expose. Like if you are fat near the waist than never choose a broad belt to expose that area as it will attract attention to that area and you will look fatty. Instead choose a small belt as it would be a good option.

– Try on clothes which have vertical or diagonal stripes. Never go with t-shirts which have horizontal stripes as they will make you appear fatty. You can also go with zig zag patterns and floral patterns.

Looking slimmer is what every woman wants. Along with the above tips, also make sure that you minimize the use of accessories like earring and necklace. Keep them simple and decent. Keep these tips in your mind and dress accordingly when you going for some party. Everybody will surely think that you have lost weight and that you look thinner than before.

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