How to choose earrings

by Lawrencia Jones

pair of earringsA beautiful pair of earrings won’t make you look beautiful, if you buy them without considering your face cut, your skin tone and the outfit you might be wearing along with it. Selecting the right type of beauty accessories is also an art that some makeup artists have mastered by experience and research. The right type of earrings does add an extra charm in your beauty. Therefore it is very essential that you should carefully select them and do proper research on your part before buying it. In this small article I will try and mention some basic stuff that you should take care of when buying your earrings.

Below are some tips which you should keep in mind when you are buying your earrings.

First of all you should always choose your earrings according to your face type.

Suppose you have a long and narrow face then chandelier and studs style earrings are best option for you. They help to provide a roundness and width to your face. If you are born with square shaped face, avoid square or triangular shaped earrings. Hoops, danglers and rounded style earrings are best for you. Long, angular, ovals and square shape earrings are better choice when you have a round shaped face. They help to add some length to your rounded face. A diamond shaped face requires small length earrings. You could also try studs with this face cut. If you have a triangular face then rounded earrings are perfect for you. For heart shaped face triangle, circle and oval type of earrings would work well.

Another important thing is your comfort. If you are not feeling comfortable with any pair of earrings then it is good to avoid them. Some earrings do come with rough and sharp edges they can sometime scratch your skin or cloths.

The right size of your earrings is also important. Length of your earrings should be such that they don’t touch your shoulders as it can be difficult to manage them.

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