Bracelets : Types of bracelets

by Lawrencia Jones

Bracelets, is a very stylish and elegant jewelry to enhance the beauty of your hands. Nowadays bracelets are very popular among girls. It comes in various styles and designs. Some of the bracelets that are very popular these days are listed below.

Bangle Bracelets
Bangle bracelets come in several patterns, designs and colors. They are made up of gold, silver, glass, wood, plastic or metal. You can wear it single or in bunches. They look good in any type of attires. The Bangle Bracelets which are made with glass and plastic are best to be worn in weddings or any family function.

Gemstone Bracelets
This is the one of the most popular type of bracelet. It is suitable for both casual and formal functions. You can buy it within your budget after carefully analyzing the offers, because they are made from low priced stones to the most expensive ones. You will get a variety of color choices in these type of bracelets.

Beaded Bracelets
This is one another popular type of bracelet. You can wear it in on type of occasion. These bracelets do provide a traditional look. They also come in variety of patterns and colors. As their name implies they are made up from beads.

Charm bracelets
They are very popular in teenagers and young girls. These bracelets are usually made of silver or gold with dangling bits of gems and ornaments. Some time these dangling bits are either a precious stones, crystals, and engraved pieces. They are very attractive as their name implies.

Bracelets are a nice jewelry item for both younger girls and women of any age. They are very stylish and beautiful. As price concern they are available in different range. Due to these features they are very popular in teenagers as well as in women also.

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