Ruffle Dress

by Lawrencia Jones

A beautiful dress allows you to express yourself in a stylish way. It helps you to emphasize your best assets and draw the attention away from your problematic areas. It plays a significant role in adding charm and style in your personality. One such type of dress is Ruffles dress. It’s very elegant and feminine dress, which can be worn in both casual and formal occasions. It is a dress that doesn’t needs any extra accessories to pair up with it.

Girl wearing Ruffle DressA Ruffle dress comes in many designs, materials and styles like ruffled wrap dress, tiered ruffle dress and single layered ruffle dress. As its name implies a ruffles dress comes with flounce. When you are wearing a ruffle dress it is important to consider where these flounces are placed in the dress as they do add the volume and the fullness to the part where they are placed.

If you are a woman who has a small bust line and you want to add volume to your ust area then you should choose a dress in which ruffles are positioned at top. Same as if you have heavy bust, you should wear a dress in which ruffles comes vertically on a straight line that will divide the dress into two parts. For adding volume in your bottom, pick a dress in which ruffles are present at the bottom part. Moreover, if there are only a little bit of ruffles present in a dress, you can wear it without considering your body shape.

Presence of ruffles on a dress makes it more stylish and modish. Commonly ruffles are placed on hem lines, straps and neckline of the dress. A  Ruffle dress is best suited for summer season as it is made up by light and breezy fabrics. You can also wear it in winter, with warm cloths.

Another interesting thing about ruffled dress is that, it requires no ironing. Thus you can easily dress it up without worrying too much about the creases. Ruffle dress provides you fancy as well as classy look. It is advisable that you should wear minimum jewelry with this dress otherwise, it will give you a heavier look.

Dressing appropriately does add style and fashion in a woman’s personality. Therefore, next time whenever you are wearing a ruffle dress keep these tips in mind and you will surly get lots of compliments.

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