Strapless Dresses

by Lawrencia Jones

Girl with a Strapless DressStrapless dress is one of very feminine and sexiest dress. It flatters your beautiful neckline, smooth skin and your collarbone in a tasteful manner. Besides, you can wear a strapless dress in any occasion whether you are going to attend an evening party, a cocktail party or any other type of formal event. It is suitable for all type of occasions. A strapless dress is also a perfect choice for wedding ceremonies. Another interesting fact about a strapless dress, which makes it more desirable, is that it will make you feel comfortable because you don’t have to be worried with your sash. Sometimes, women are embarrassed by the falling of their sashes. However, strapless dresses are best for those women who have well toned upper body structure, but if carefully selected, they can definitely beautify you.

In order to achieve your best desirable looks in a strapless dress, always pick a dress that would properly fit according to your body shape. Moreover, it should stay fixed when you raise you arms, bending, sitting or doing any other movement.

Another basic need of a strapless dress is a perfectly fitting bra as it gives support to the dress. A strapless dress needs a strapless bra. Remember, commonly used strapless bra is not appropriate for a strapless dress because it tend to slip with movement. Therefore, you should wear a long-line strapless bra. For extra support you can pin the bra to the inside of your dress to keep it in place.

Strapless dress is also a very good option for summer. It will make you feel cool and fresh in those hottest days.  But it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in winters. In colder season, you can wear it with a fitted jacket or a cardigan.

For more glamorous look, you can use some body glitter to emphasize your off-the-shoulder look. Tattoos will also look great with a strapless dress. Remember never wear a lots of jewelry with a strapless dress as it can ruin the beauty of your dress. In fact, if you will keep your neck and hands bare it would look more graceful and sophisticated.

At the end if you are planning to attend a prom party or you are going for a date, a strapless dress is a right dress for you. Go with a strapless dress and you will surly get compliments from others and your loving one. For more feminine and sexiest look, wear high heels with it.

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