Choosing a Hat According to the Face Shape

by Lawrencia Jones

Girl wearing a Black HatA hat as an accessory is considered as a great thing and should be worn if you are thinking to look more beautiful and different from others. There are many other accessories, which would make you, look prettier; you can consider them too. Different types of hats which are made out of different fabrics are available in the market. When buying a hat for yourself, you should keep in mind that it should suit your face shape and body shape. Also when paired with proper clothing it would make you look beautiful otherwise you can look unattractive too. Therefore it becomes very important that you choose your hat according to your face shape and clothing style.

In this article, some tips are mentioned which will help you to pick a hat according to face shape:

Hats for Round face – If your face shape is round, then you should select the hats which would make your face less circular. Go with hats which have wide brims and high crowns as they would hide roundness of your face. Hats like fedora, cowboy and sunhat are ones which would suit a round face. You can also make the hat slant in one position as this will catch all the attention and your face won’t get that much attention. Avoid sloppy hats and the hats which have small brim and low crown.
Hats for Square face – This facial shape has strong angles which have to be hidden with a hat. So you should select a hat which would help to lessen the strong angles and which would make you look beautiful. Good choice for this one is the hat, which has wide and curvy brim. For the crown you should avoid the ones which have square shaped crown as it would make your face look squarer in shape. Floppy hats are the best choice for square shaped face.
Hats for Long face – If you have long face, then you should wear a hat which would provide necessary space to hide out your forehead. So you should go with hats which have broad brim and medium/low crown. Make sure that the crown is not in square shape as it will add more length to your face. Your hat should have bows or flowers or any other decorative item as it will look attractive. Put your hat tilted in side ways and in front as it will help you to hide your forehead.
Hats for Heart face – If your facial shape is heart, then you are lucky women as most of the hats suit on this kind of face. But if you choose a hat which has medium length brim then that hat would make your features more attractive and you more stylish. Like you can go for cloche hats, beret and bobble hat. These hats will help to balance out all the features of the face and make you look cool and gorgeous.
Hats for Oval face – For oval shape too, any kind of hat is allowed to be worn as they will all look very stylish. But there are some hats which are recommended as they will add more beauty to your face than others. These hats are cloche hat, newsboy hat, flapper hat and beret. No doubt you can go with others too, according to your choice. If you wear hat hilted in sideways or backwards, then you can change your looks and look more beautiful.

Different kinds of hats are available in the market. Go check out some stores and buy one for yourself, as not only it will help to look prettier, cool and stylish but it will also help you to protect your face from harmful sunrays.

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