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Taking care of your lips

Beautiful lips are an essential part of your facial beauty. It gives you a sensuous look. No matter how good your lipsticks are the real beauty always comes naturally. Therefore it is very important that you take care of your lips in order to make it look more beautiful. If you are looking for soft, [...]

Tips for Healthy Nails

Nails are like a jewel on our hands. By adding lustrous and glistening nail paints we can add that extra zing to the beauty of our hands. There are different ways to make your nails appear more beautiful. You can either apply glistering nail polish or try different color combinations that would match your clothes [...]

Skin care in winter

In winter the weather is cold and dry. It causes dry, cracking and chapping skin. So you should start taking care for your skin very early, to keep it soft and healthy in this season.

Taking care of your hands

After your face your hands are the next most noticeable part of your body. You do most of your work with your hands. While speaking or communicating with others you often use your hands to express yourself. If you imagine you life without your hands then you will know the importance of your hands in [...]

Homemade stuff to get glowing skin

Do you know you can get a glowing or smooth skin without going to the parlor? Here are some tips which will help you to do this

Welcome Post

Hello and a very warm welcome to the Over here we will try to bring the best and the latest stuff to help a women on makeup tips, beauty, skin care, hair care and other related issues.