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Makeup Tips for Getting Fuller Lips

Would you like to have sensual and sexy lips like most of the celebrities? With a few makeup tricks, you can fulfill your desire, no matter what your lip shape is. Lips makeup does play an important role in making your face look attractive. As lips are the most important part of the face makeup [...]

Choosing Nail Polish According to Occasions and Seasons

A good nail polish can make your nails looks beautiful within a few minutes. It is also necessary that you choose the right color for your nails that will compliment you the most.

Doing the Eye Makeup for the Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day is a very special day for people who are in love. It is a day which brings you and your beloved one closer. It is a day when you stash away all your problems and want to spend your time to show the love that you have towards your partner. You might have [...]

Getting ready for the Valentine day

Sometimes you are really excited about the valentine day and on other hand you might also be worried about your looks. It’s a special day, so it is obvious that you would like to look gorgeous. It is a perfect day to try a different style of makeup and achieve awesome looks.  You can create [...]

What is Organic Makeup

Women do give importance to their outer look and so they try out every cosmetic product which will make them appear beautiful. Before Organic Makeup came into the market, all the makeup products contained chemicals. These chemicals had bad effect on the skin and would lead to rashes and skin problem. After organic makeup was [...]

10 tips for doing the prom makeup

To look stunning and gorgeous on prom night is a dream of every girl when she is in the high-school. This dream can’t be just fulfilled by having a pretty gown or matching sandals. Along with dress and sandals, your looks are also important.

Makeup tips for a perfect date

So you are going for a date. Now I know the feeling how thousands of thoughts might go through your mind and you get worried for nothing. It isn’t just you, but it is a normal scenario that happens with everyone. If you have prior experience for getting ready for a date then you might [...]

Tips on applying a perfect foundation

Foundation is the base of any makeup. It is one of the most widely used makeup tool. A foundation not only just makes the skin look better but also makes your makeup look natural. A foundation whose colors would match exactly with your skin color is the best foundation for you. To get a perfect [...]

Choosing perfect eye shadow according to your eye color

Eye shadow is a part of eye makeup. It is applied on the eyelids and under the area of your eyebrows. It makes your eyes look more attractive. Eye shadows does add a glow on your eyes and make them appear more appealing. Choosing a right eye shadow color depends on your eye color and [...]

Bridal Makeup

Wedding day is a very special day in every woman’s life. You want to look perfect on that day. Your looks depend upon your dressing and makeup. A proper makeup can make you one of the most beautiful bride. In reality bridal makeup starts few days before the wedding.  Facial should be done before a [...]