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Sheath Dress and its Styles

A sheath dress is a body-fitted dress with defined waist-line. The hemline of a sheath dress is generally until knees or above that, but floor length sheath dresses are also available in the market. This dress tightly hugs to the body showing off the figure properly. If you want to flaunt your figure you should [...]

How to Select and Wear Formal Blouses

Although there are varieties of women dresses available for different kind of occasions, but when it comes to professional look, a formal blouse surely comes in mind. It is a most popular and stylish garments for women who are working. Its not only gives a professional look but it also highlights your curves and makes [...]

How To Wear Casual, Yet Hot Clothes

No matter how beautiful you could be, you first have to get the boys to notice you, otherwise you will quickly find that they seem to be avoiding you. The truth is that you first have to look hot, just as long as you don’t overdo it, and there are plenty of ways to make [...]

Selecting a Perfect Little Black Dress

The little black dress is part of almost every woman’s wardrobe. It is generally quite short. It is a dress that makes you feel more feminine and beautiful. You can wear it in any occasion whether it a cocktail party or any other get-together. It is available in so many styles like ruffled waist, straight [...]

How to Choose Your Wedding Dress

Wedding is the most important day in a women’s life. They would want to be center-of-attraction on this big day. They would want that everything should go perfectly and smoothly on this day. For this they would start preparations since months before the wedding. They would do rehearsal for everything so that nothing goes wrong [...]

The Right Dressing Sense for Women

Every girl always wants to look perfect & beautiful. Therefore, she always wants to try out new dresses and fashion accessories. Although it is believed that a beautiful dress can enhance your looks, yet good dressing technique can add that extra zing to what people see it in you.

Selecting Plus Sized Wedding Gown

Every woman wants to look beautiful and pretty on her wedding. She wants to be center-of-attraction for all the people present on her wedding. For slim and thin brides, there are many choices open, in case of wedding gowns. They would look lovely in any kind of dress. Difficulty occurs when wedding gowns for plus-size [...]

10 Tips on Choosing a Dress that Would Perfectly Fit your Body

Every woman would like to dress in such a way that it hides her body flaws and make her appear more beautiful. She would also want that her wardrobe should be full of dresses with different styles. The more choices she has the better for her. For this she would have to choose a dress [...]

Getting Custom Tailored Wedding Gown

Wedding is a very special day in everyone’s life, so one would want to look beautiful and stunning on that particular day. The selection of a right wedding dress is very helpful to fulfill this desire. Therefore, you should research a lot before settling on your wedding dress.

Selecting a Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dress is one of the most elegant, beautiful and glamorous dress. This is a versatile dress and can be worn in many occasions. As in proms and weddings or also in office parties. If you have a right shaped body, then no other dress is better then cocktail dress for you. A cocktail dress [...]