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Tips on How to Maintain Proper Condition of Curly Hair

Getting curls done can create a new and stylish look for the one who has straight hair. For the ones who naturally have curly hair, tight curls can be done. Curls can be done through perming method or by using curling iron or hot rollers or bobby pins. Also when curls are done then the thin hair appears as thick hair. Volume of hair increases, appearance wise. Either you try on temporary curls or you try on permanent curls, curls are difficult to handle. Much care has to be taken if curls are being done.

Here are some tips on maintaining proper condition of curly hair:

Curly Hair Girl- A good mild shampoo once a week is a must to keep your hair dirt free. But while washing make sure that you don’t wash your hair in a harsh manner. Harsh way of washing the hair will destroy your curls and will make them untidy frizz.

- Along with the shampoo, use of conditioners is also recommended whenever you wash your hair.

- Deep conditioning of hair is important especially for curly ones. You should massage your head and scalp in a light manner with oils like almond oil, olive oil etc. For effective result, you can first heat up some oil and then massage with this hot oil. Also by massaging, normal oil content of the hair is maintained, which is necessary if you have done perm on hair. You should do deep conditioning once in 2 weeks.

- You will have to take extra care when you comb your hair. For removing tangles, you can move your fingers through the hair instead of comb/brush. If you are using a brush then use it in light manner. Brushing in rough manner can damage the curls.

- If you have done perm, then it is obvious that curls will stay in the hair for at least 5 months. Get a proper haircut within these months to maintain proper condition of the hair. Also to avoid split ends, a hair cut becomes necessary.

- Extra heat will make the condition of curls worse. So, you should avoid much use of dryer to dry the wet curly hair. You can choose towel-dry method to let them dry.

- Use of styling products on the curly hair should be kept to minimum. They can ruin the curls and can be reason for more frizzes.

If you have straight hair and now you have got bored with the same looks for your face, then curls can change it for you. Curls looks good on any face shape, but proper maintenance is required. You should keep in mind the above tips after you have done curls in your hair.