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Tips on How to Cover Up a Tattoo

Getting a tattoo inked on the body is one of the coolest ways to look stylish. Having a tattoo is a trend for women in present generation. They think that having a tattoo makes them look beautiful and funky. But if you get a tattoo inked, then it will remain onto your body forever. It [...]

Basic Beauty Tips for Dry Skin

Skin is the most important thing which should be taken care of properly. Either it is hands or legs or your face, proper maintenance and care is required for everything. There are different skin types, mainly dry, oily, normal and combination. Dry skin lacks moisture where as oily skin has large content of oils. Combination [...]

How to Get Stylish on a Limited Budget

Every woman dreams to spend as much money as possible and look her best all the time, but in reality we have a limited budget to fulfill our desires. Do you know how can you look stylish without spending huge amount of money? Actually, it isn’t true that only expensive dresses and jewelry can make [...]

How to do Manicure at Home

To enhance the beauty of your hands you should make them look clean and healthy. Manicure is a treatment for your nails and hands. The main purpose of the manicure is to prevent nail damage and wrinkling of the skin on the hand.

Tips for Getting Wrinkle Free Skin

We all know how wrinkles can reduce the beauty of one’s face. The main factor involved in wrinkles is the aging process. Skin loses its elasticity and moisture as age grows and that leads to wrinkles appearing on the face. Some other factors also involved in causing wrinkles on the face are like smoke, stress, [...]

Tips for Dressing on Valentine Day Part 2

Now is the time for makeup. If you are going at date in day time then keep your makeup as light as possible. For night-time date you can opt for a bit dark makeup. Moisturizer is the first step in applying makeup process. Massage your face and neck properly with the moisturizer. Next is the [...]

Tips for Dressing on Valentine Day Part 1

Valentine day is an important day in a woman’s life. On this day she would want to look beautiful and gorgeous. She would seem excited and anxious at the same time on this day. She might seem confused about what to choose and what to reject in matter of clothes and accessories. She would become [...]

How to remove blackheads

Blackhead is one of the most common skin problems. A Blackhead is basically a form of acne which drains slowly into skin pores and blackens, due to exposure to the sunlight or on oxidation. Blackheads commonly appear in the chin, forehead and sides of the nostrils on the face. The main cause of it is [...]

Knowing your body shape

Sometimes you would wear a beautiful dress but then you would realize that you are not looking as good as you would like to be. Also you feel that it isn’t suiting your body. Do you know what is the reason behind this? It happens because of your lack of knowledge about your body shape. [...]

Taking care of your feet

Our feet do bear all the body weight and they are responsible to move us from one place to another, yet most of the time people do ignore their foot care. Healthy and beautiful feet also improves your personality. Whenever we think about our body we always think about our body shape, good face, hair [...]